Available till 12.00pm

Toast & Preserves (GF option available) $8

Crusty white, granary or gluten free bread with homemade jam

Eggs on Toast (V, GF option available) $13

A great place to start. 2 eggs cooked to your liking, poached, fried or scrambled, served with your choice of crusty white, granary or gluten free toast


Bacon $4         Hash brown $3     Beans $3                 Extra Egg (2) $5

Chipolatas $4  Spinach $3           Smoked Salmon $7 Avocado $5

Tomatoes $3    Mushrooms $3

Union Benni (V, GF option available) $16

Toasted Ciabatta bread topped, topped with poached eggs & house made hollandaise


Ham $4      Bacon $5      Smoked Salmon $7

Breakfast Salad $16

Baby spinach, rocket, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, sauté potatoes, bacon and parmesan. Topped with a poached egg and hollandaise drizzle.

Portobello Stuffed Mushrooms $17

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with sun dried tomato, bacon & onion. Topped with poached eggs & hollandaise sauce. Served with granary toast

Apple Pie Pancakes $18

Vanilla buttermilk pancakes served with apple cinnamon compote & fresh mascarpone

Potato & Bacon Waffles $18

Chef Newton’s famous freshly made waffles infused with potato, bacon & leek. Topped with poached eggs & hollandaise sauce.

Brekkie Burger $18

Sausage, bacon, Swiss cheese, fried egg, & BBQ sauce. Served a side of hash brown

Spanish Omelette (GF option available) $18

Treat yourself. A traditional omelette with ham, capsicum, chorizo, cheese, red onion & potato, served with blistered cherry tomatoes &granary toast

Avocado Smash (V, GF option available) $19

A vibrant mix of avocado, Danish feta, mint & lemon served on crusty white toast & topped with a poached egg & house made dukkah

Big Breakfast (GF option available) $23

Breakfast with the lot! Bacon, chipolatas, hash brown, beans, tomatoes, button mushrooms & 2 eggs cooked to your liking. Served with your choice of crusty white, granary or gluten free toast

Kids Meals

Kids B&E on T (GF option available) $12

Bacon & either fried, poached or scrambled egg on white toast with hash brown

Kids Pancakes (V) $12

Fresh pancakes served with banana, whipped cream & maple syrup