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Why not spoil your four legged friend whilst you enjoy your meal?

Freshly homemade treats from Deezi Beez, a locally based small business in the Northern Suburbs.

Products are lovingly made using human grade ingredients and contain no salt, sugar or preservatives

Puppiccino $2.50

Frothed lactose free milk with liver sprinkles

Mutt Shake $3

Lactose free milk & egg whisked with liver sprinkles

Peanut Pups $2.50

Biscuits made with peanut butter, honey, powdered milk, egg, oats & wholemeal flour

Cheezi Katz $2.50

Biscuits made with cheddar, parmesan, rice bran oil, hazelnuts, kibbled wheat & flour

Chew Na Temptaz $2.50

Biscuits made with tuna, egg, oats, flax seeds, herbs, olive oil & flour

Woofz Beef $2.50

Biscuits made with beef sausage, spinach, rosemary, olive oil & flour

Dogs Barkfast $5

Sausage, bacon & scrambled egg topped with liver sprinkles