Union Kitchen Mindarie
                                                                                                                              Fully Licenced Cafe

Serving great breakfasts and delicious lunches


Served from 12.15pm onwards

Designed to share with friends or as an entrée to a meal

Garlic Bread (V) $13

Crusty white bread smothered in garlic chive butter & toasted with parmesan cheese

Bruschetta (V, GF option available) $15

A refreshing mix of tomato, red onion & sweet basil tossed with roasted garlic & extra virgin olive oil, served on crusty white bread. Topped with balsamic glaze & crumbled Danish feta

Stuffed Mushroom Duo (V GF option available) $16

The perfect vegetarian duo. Roasted mushrooms stuffed two ways, firstly with beetroot, caramelised onion,feta & cous cous & secondly with brown rice, ricotta & spinach. Finished off with balsamic glaze

Pumpkin, Leek & Feta Arancini (V) $16

Crumbed fried cheesy pumpkin, leek & feta risotto balls, served with a little Napolitano sauce & aioli

Chorizo Pot (GF option available) $17

A little pot of goodness. Pan fried Chorizo with garlic, chilli, onion, capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes & spinach. Served with warmed crusty white bread

Salt & Pepper Calamari $17

Salt & pepper seasoned baby squid, lightly fried & served with house made tartar & a light salad

3 Little Pigs $18

If you love pork, then this one is for you! Pork belly bites three ways; apple fennel, chilli garlic & honey soy sesame

Mediterranean Fried Chicken $19

Spicy chicken breast bites with a charred corn salsa. Finished with chilli aioli

Lamb Kofta Meatballs (GF option available) $19

Middle eastern spiced lamb meatballs infused with feta & pine nuts served with toasted Turkish bread & Tzatziki

Tuscan Style Pork Ribs $19

Slow cooked Tuscan infused pork spare ribs covered with a sticky hickory bourbon sauce – Yum!

Garlic Prawns (GF option available) $20

Australian prawns cooked in creamy garlic sauce, served with garlic bread. Dip away!

Union Tasting Plate (GF option available) $20

Something to nibble on. Pan fried chorizo, mixed olives, grilled halloumi, ciabatta, hummus, olive oil & balsamic